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Lovely Ukraine escorts service woman 1. Has opened communications with Ukraine escorts ladies.
2. Some words have told exactly.
3. Has closed (means that has told: «Give phone», showing intention it to write down to itself in a mobile phone; for it is necessary, naturally, to get it from pocket, to bend to it and to tell:«Give phone»).
4. For each communications has spent a maximum 1 minute.

Keep in mind, you will get acquainted then. Skill is Now important, and you should do exercise stupidly. If you with the lady of minutes on 15, you learn nothing. Carry out all accurately. I pay your attention to some important points! Girls quickly will hasten somewhere. Anything with it not — it is necessary to run about. If the workmate has shown you the girl, you are obliged to it to approach. If you do not approach for any reason you to the workmate pay 100$. At it the motivation will kick you to the most beautiful Ukraine escorts girls.

You SHOULD approach to everyone at whom he will point a finger. Any excuses. Even if it with the guy, either protection, or villages in the car, you should approach, It is training, instead of a kindergarten. Be in earnest about it if you want to change, it is necessary to you. All is not simple so. When the Ukraine escorts girl goes, overtake it if you can not stop. How to stop? Simply partition off to it road. Rise directly at it on a way and the a body close to it a way. Hands you can hide for a back. While start only a body. Never speak to it in a nape. And if you go with it — do not trudge behind it, as a tail. If it has started to bypass on the one hand, you bypass with another, there will be an effect. To check up, how much she is interested in dialogue, can keep away intentionally by the way of movement and give the chance to it to come nearer to you. A result estimation for each exercise I put estimations. Criterion here it: 30 times — are excellent! YOU are abrupt! 25 times — are good. 20 times — are satisfactory. 15 times — Poor to ALTER. A record: on training for 30 minutes of 50 approaches. You can beat it? :) Exercise On automatism № 2 It should be carried out after exercise № 1, with a break a maximum 30 minutes. All the same. But the instruction another.
1. To suggest the Ukraine escorts girl to have sex from the first words.