Gallery with Ukrainian escorts models

Gallery with Ukrainian escorts models When she is interested or when it is ready — all is errors. To take phone it is possible at any moment! And you should learn it to do in the beginning, right at the end and the most exotic ways in the most surrealistic places. Many times my Ukrainian escorts students took phones in cases, about which usual guys spoke: «Yes. It is unreal!»

Only because they were trained to do it in any situation and under any conditions: in the presence of its guy, in the company of other guys, Ukrainian escorts bodyguards, parents, primogenitors, when it on work when it behind glass in shop, in cafe, and etc., and etc. Is not present anything impossible! We checked! Probably all! Now, I hope, you are ready to start exercise on automatism № 1. Now I put before you a problem. (How to open and intrigue, the nobility it is not necessary for you yet.) It is simple: you should initiate contact and to close it. To make it 10 times. ОК?

The purpose — to learn automatism in transition from a stage on a stage. Attention: this exercise (for a while) is spent together with the workmate. The instruction 1. You are dispersed. 2. You do 25 approaches to Ukrainian escorts girls and simply you speak to them: «Greetings. You were pleasant to me, give phone!». It is Thus important, that you showed that that indeed. The first some approaches at you will turn out clumsily. Well, and where you saw, that at a beginner all turned out at once and beautifully? There is nothing to hesitate of it is you you study. Will be, but there will be also a success! The main thing that you are ready to it and dared ~ enter game. A situation You are in crowded a place, round you it is a lot of Ukrainian escorts women. Around a constant stream of people. Resources: the Workmate, at the workmate — hours, a cellular telephone. The instruction the Workmate:
1. Disperses you.
2. Reckons time.
3. Considers quantity of approaches.
4. Accelerates, if it is necessary.
5. “Drags”, if you stir more minute!

1. You are dispersed.
2. You approach to all successively, without dependence it is pleasant or not, it is important to you to fulfil.
3. You initiate contact.
4. You speak: «Greetings, you are pleasant to me, give phone!»
5. You depart, you find following and you repeat exercise anew.
The result you for 30 minutes has approached.